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One of the most difficult emotional processes an older person will go through is that of selling their home. What can be equally as difficult and emotionally challenging, are the responsibilities a grown child acquires when handling a parent’s estate.

LifeStyle Transitions simplifies the moving and estate processes by taking these often overwhelming tasks and breaking them down into bite-size pieces. Every client’s need is different, so in addition to their real estate services, Mark Adams can provide contractors, movers, cleaning services, and an auction company, if needed.

Mark Adams and his team did an AMAZING job selling my mom’s home, my childhood home. The hardest part was making the phone call. Having recently moved my mom to a care facility and having never been through the selling process, Mark was extremely patient and informative regarding the selling process and sympathetic to the situation. He was very “up-front” regarding the house/situation, which was sometimes hard to hear, but I appreciated his honesty. Mark and his staff were always courteous and prompt to respond to calls and emails. Given his market knowledge and great pro-active approach, my mom’s home sold immediately! The closing process went very smoothly, as his staff was very efficient and timely with preparation. Mark has an outstanding team and lots of great contacts, which really helped me to prepare the home for sale. I will definitely be calling him again when I decide to sell my home. AMAZING experience….I’m still blown away.

-Debbie Ward

Mark Adams and his entire team were great! Many times you hear horror stories about realtors that don’t want to work with you but that is not the case here. Mark sat down with us and listened to what we wanted to do and came up with a plan that worked perfectly! Within three weeks of being on the market, we had an acceptable offer and we recently closed on the house! They kept us informed every step of the way and made this experience excellent! I highly recommend them!

- The Condrey/Dunn Family

I was recommended to Mark by a friend. Our house was not the greatest but he looked at it, put down a clear course of direction and was honest about what to expect and what was realistic. We live out of state so he orchestrated the entire thing, including renovation. The house listed on April 7, 2016 and closed on May 12, 2016. It was such a relief and his advice was sound! I would recommend his team over and over again!  

- Alec Miller

I would like to thank Mark and Lisa for their assistance selling my mother’s home. After the passing of my father, she decided to move to a senior community. This was a stressful, emotional move, and they handled everything with the utmost care and concern. They both handled all my questions promptly and professionally. I was totally comfortable working with them. When you have overprotective family members involved, it takes true professionals to provide great service. Lisa and Mark Adams handled everything smoothly, courteously and efficiently. They are especially great working with seniors and their families!

- Mike Humphrey

My husband and I finally decided we wanted to live in a retirement community. We called Mark and Lisa Adams to be our real estate agents. They did so much more than selling a house! They had a contractor do repairs, provided a mover and had our home professionally cleaned from top to bottom. We never expected the process to be so fast and painless. Mark and Lisa were considerate of the emotional aspects of older clients having to discard 45+ years of accumulation and leaving their home of 30+ years. 

- George and Nancy Plunkett

I could not have been more happy and satisfied with Mark Adams and his staff during the process of selling my father’s home. I am not from the area, so it was hard for me to get to the house often. Mark took care of all that needed to be done to prepare the house to be put on the market. I felt very comfortable leaving everything in his hands.He was great about keeping me updated during the process of the sale and walking me through anything I didn’t understand. The home was sold very quickly and everything during the sale went very well. I would highly recommend Mark Adams!!!

- Laurie Canavan

When my daughter died, I inherited her house and all of her belongings. Because of medical problems, I was unable to go to the house. Mark and Lisa facilitated cleaning out all the contents, donating useable items to various charities and getting needed repairs done. The nice thing about the entire process, was that Mark and Lisa took care of everything. All I did was make a phone call. I never even had to step a foot in the house.

- Ann Smith

In the Spring of 2015, we contacted Mark and Lisa Adams on the recommendation of the retirement community to which we were moving. With their advice and help (and prayers), we were able to sell our home of 40+ years in 4 days for the asking price. They always made us feel like we were special and the only clients they were working with. In addition to selling our house, Lisa was able to get our cat to sit in her lap so she could trim his toenails. ☺ 

- Laura Stonestreet 

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