Mark was instantly helpful and easy to speak with.

I first contacted Mark about a house I didn't have quite enough approval to buy but instead of blowing me off, he took the time to speak to me and offer guidance related to the home buying process. Mark was instantly helpful and easy to speak with. About a week or two later I settled on a lender and FHA loan program and called Mark back to set up a meeting to interview them to represent me. Mark set me up with his buyers agent. Amy was an all star. She answered emails and text quickly, even on weekends. Amy was always on time and well prepared which was important to me. Amy literally took the seller behind the woodshed for me and got me a hell of a deal with more extras than I ever expected. I didn't pay any closing cost and in fact got all my money back at closing that I had initially put into the deal such as the appraisal and home inspection. Toward closing they even sent me a list of all the utilities contacts I needed to get services to my new home hooked up and they have been in contact after closing to see if I had any problems or needed any help eith anything. I was deeply impressed with Mark and Amy's knowledge of the varied aspects of real estate, the network of contacts they can bring to bare if needed, and the presence of an entire team to back me up. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to buy or sell a home in the RVA area.

— Chris Lloyd