Selling My Mom’s Home

Mark Adams and his team did an AMAZING job selling my mom's home, my childhood home. The hardest part was making the phone call. Having recently moved my mom to a care facility and having never been through the selling process, Mark was extremely patient and informative regarding the selling process and sympathetic to the situation. He was very "up-front" regarding the house/situation, which was sometimes hard to hear, but I appreciated his honesty. Mark and his staff were always courteous and prompt to respond to calls and emails. Given his market knowledge and great pro-active approach, my mom's home sold immediately! The closing process went very smoothly, as his staff was very efficient and timely with preparation. Mark has an outstanding team and lots of great contacts, which really helped me to prepare the home for sale. I will definitely be calling him again when I decide to sell my home. AMAZING experience....I'm still blown away.

— Debbie Ward, Seller